Advanced Joinery Tuition & Lumber Payment Instructions

  1. Be sure you have received confirmation of your bench assignment via email before going any further. Contact if you are unsure of your enrollment status.
  2. Once you have confirmed a secured a bench position, follow the steps below to pay tuition and lumber fee using check(s) or credit card.  


Tuition & Lumber Payment Methods-

Paying by Personal Check:

Mail two personal checks made payable to J.D. Lohr Woodworking, Inc. to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

    • Check 1 / Payable to J.D. Lohr Woodworking Inc in the amount of $1,350.00 for tuition
    • Check 2 / Payable to J.D.Lohr Woodworking Inc in the amount of $212.00 for lumber


    Paying by Credit Card (includes 3% transaction fee):

    To pay by credit card, you will need to pay via PayPal and will have to make two transactions.  We must require two transactions because tuition is sales tax exempt while the lumber requires Pennsylvania Sales Tax

      1. Tuition Payment:
      Please click below to pay the Advanced Joinery tuition + 3% transaction fee (included in total) using a credit card.

           2.   Lumber Payment: 

      Please click below to pay the lumber fee using a credit card. We do not charge a transaction fee for lumber purchases but we are required to include a 6% Pennsylvania sales tax.


      Please mail all physical correspondence to:

      J.D. Lohr Woodworking Inc
      242 N. Limerick Rd
      Schwenksville, PA 19473

      Any questions email at or by phone during normal business hours (7:00am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday). Our phone number is (484) 552-8152.