Countdown to your Advanced Joinery course

We will be seeing you folks Monday morning and I am recommending everyone do their level best to be here by 7:45am as we will be hitting the ground running at 8:00am sharp. We will not have a moment to lose so be strongly advised that the ship sails at 8:00am on the dot whether all of you are here or not.  


As Sonny's Deli is not open on Monday's we will ask you to bring your own lunch on the first day of the course.  We'll make a lunch order for you for the remainder of the week.

Project Plans and other info

Below are a few files you'll need to print out and bring with you.  First there is a PDF of the shop plans for the course project.  Next is a local map with restaurants and activities listed as was sent to you for your first Practical Woodworking course.   I doubt anyone is flying here but just in case I have included directions from Philadelphia International Airport and the I-95 corridor if you are approaching from the south. 

Project Plan

Local Nightlife

Directions from Airport 
I assure you this project will be a challenge for all and it will require focus and close attention to our instruction to finish the piece in just 6 days.  Have no fear though, as we are confident every one of you can handle this level of work well so have no worries.  
Please note on the plans attached, the way I have indicated to punch holes on the 6 pages of plans. The holes are done this way so you can have both the project plan (pg.1)  and the bill of materials (pg.2) open on facing pages in your notebooks on the bench for reference to both sheets at the same time.  Additionally Page 3 and 4 are good to reference at the same time for your significantly complex leg joint layouts. 


For those that need local lodging, please visit our accommodations page for suggested hotels, motels, b&b's and campsites. 

What to bring

Again, you'll find the tool list here: 

Required Tool List


What to expect

Unlike the Practical Woods course where we don't cut our students loose with their material before late afternoon on the first day, you should be at your bench with layout knife and combination square in hand by late morning on Monday.   We will have a brief milling and safety review first thing but then it is directly onto the heart of the matter, making a very fine piece of furniture that all will be very proud to have made.  Safety is our number one priority so if you are for whatever reason out of practice on tablesaw, jointer, or planer, please be sure to speak up as we are here to help in every way needed. 

As all have been here before, I don't run a meet-and-greet on Sunday night before the Monday start time for the Advanced Joinery Course.   All will just show up Monday morning and we will get reacquainted again at that time.   As there is so much handwork involved in much of this course, it has a certain peaceful tranquility and different dynamic than your earlier experience with us.  I am confident you will find it very pleasant.  Additionally, as we only allow 8 students in this Advanced Joinery Course, we reposition the benches to have everyone in the same main room which makes it more a family affair.

This class will be great fun for all.  Rob and I are here at 7:15am on Monday so feel free to come on in as soon as you arrive. 


Jeff Lohr

JD Lohr Arts & Crafts Furniture Woodworking School


For those traveling by air

Stowed Luggage:

We have two methods we will pursue here. For those over 1000 miles away and certainly for any Foreign country students, we will do a special hidden screw fastening of your joinery to make it so it can be dismantled so we can pack it flat - suit case style, for taking on the plane as stowed luggage. The drawer won't go in the component pack for the plane. You can put the drawer in your suit case as is and put your socks and such in it for the trip home,  It being basically a box, it won't take up much room in your luggage as you can put stuff in it. 


For those that are at a more reasonable UPS distance, you will fully assemble your piece and finish it up by Saturday afternoon,  We then will drive you to the local UPS Store at 3:00pm on Saturday and just give your piece to the staff there to box and ship.  You will have the tracking number and receipt right away.   For reference, the total cost of bubble wrap, boxing, peanuts etc from the UPS Store for the project is $48. The actual shipping cost is added to this packaging fee.  The total weight is well under 50 lbs,,, I am not sure of this exactly but I think it is around 34lbs with all the packaging.  Mainly UPS goes by size of the package and to that end the box is 24 x 24, x 30 if you want to make an advanced inquiry for your local home address from our 19473 Schwenksville Zip Code.   We have shipped these to North Carolina, California, Idaho, Michigan, thus far.  It is peculiar as shipping all the way to California was cheaper than some of the mid-west states.   For reference, our previous cost to North Carolina was about $98 total as I recall and the record was Idaho that came in at $235 so this is just FYI.   We have had all arrive safely and in good condition at their final destination so no worries there.