Inside the Shop

Our workshop is located on a 13 acre farm in Schwenksville, PA.  The shop is very well lit with a large bank of windows facing the pasture outside.  The atmosphere is open and airy, heated with a wood stove in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.  The environment is perfect for an educational experience in woodworking.  All of our tools have dust collection and we have three air filtration units to keep fine particles out of the air.

The main machine room is equipped with a large redundancy of equipment.  We have three tablesaws, two of them Saw Stop professional cabinet saws.  The shop is also equipped with four jointers, three planers, two bandsaws, a lathe, disc sanders, drum sanders, belt sanders, drill presses, hollow chisel mortisers, radial arm saws, miter saws...and that's only our stationary equipment.

We have an enormous amount of hand held power tools and hand tools necessary to the skills and techniques you'll learn here at the school. 

While we do have some large, industrial equipment, we also have a wide array of equipment that would be more suited to a home shop environment.  We want to teach you that you can make any of the furniture you see in our gallery with a spartan tool set up.  There is no need to invest thousands upon thousands when you can get the job done with smaller tooling investments.  Throughout the course we'll point out where it makes sense to get the best available and where you can use a work-a-round to accomplish the same goal with less tooling investment.

In the bench room, all workbenches are stout, built of solid oak, ash, and maple, and have a bench vise.  Our rough mill is host to thousands upon thousands of board feet of unique material and doubles as a classroom for the introduction presentation(s) to our courses.

Beyond our main workshop we also operate a sawmill on premises.  We have a stationary 24" bandsaw and a mobile 48" alaskan chainsaw mill. Attached to the sawmill, we house a solar kiln that serves as an environmentally friendly and efficient means to dry our sawn lumber. Not only will you be working with beautiful material here at the school, you'll be able to see how it is sawn and prepared.