Fixed 90° Miter Gauge

For years, our students have been asking us to produce this unique shop fixture for sale.  All manufactured miter gauges are made to be adjustable, but the simple fact of the matter is that 99% of the crosscuts we make are at 90 degrees. 

This hand-crafted, precision, fixed miter gauge is carefully made of quality materials to consistently give us perfectly square cuts with no set up involved. Our miter gauges are finished in a natural steel look and will surely become an essential tool in your shop.

Making Our Miter Gauges:

We start the process with cold rolled steel, milled to fit in a standard table saw miter gauge slot.  We use 2x2 angle iron to form the fence of the miter gauge.  Using a special alignment jig, we drill and tap the two pieces together and join them with a machine screw.  Once fixed at 90 degrees, the joint is welded in place so that it will never move.  All metal parts are ground and polished for smooth operation.  The fence of each miter gauge is set to a perfect right angle by applying machinist shim stock between the wood fence and angle iron. Finally, we apply non-skid material to the fence to ensure safety and aid in accurate finished cuts. Each miter gauge is then tested rigorously to ensure perfect squareness before it leaves the shop. The entire process is hands-on to ensure accuracy and quality which means each miter gauge takes 4-5 hours to complete.


 $165.00 each + shipping

Standard US Shipping Rates:   1 miter gauge =  $14.24    or    2 miter gauges = $18.85

Sales Tax: Pennsylvania residents must be charged an additional 6% state sales tax (unfortunately, the law says so)

NOTE: We hand make these tools in small batch runs, so there may be a short wait based on demand.

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