How to Enroll in Practical Woodworking

Please be aware that this is an intensive course. We will be teaching and you will be working hard for all six days of the course. It is designed to teach woodworking as thoroughly, safely, and efficiently as possible to people who plan to practice woodworking in the future.

1.  When do you want to take the class?

Take a look at our course schedule to determine which session you'd like to join. Keep in mind, our courses generally sell out a few months in advance of the run date.

If only one session works for your schedule and it's listed as 'sold out', don't despair.  Send an e-mail and ask to be placed on the waiting list.  We do have occasional cancellations in which case you will be offered the emptied bench, so there is a chance it could work for both of us!


2.  Enroll in a Course: It's easy!

To enroll in a Practical Woodworking Course, just the button below and complete the enrollment form.  Confirmation and complete enrollment instructions will be sent via email to you within 24-48 hours. If you don't see a response from us in the 48 hours following your submission, be sure to check your spam folder for our response!

3.  Await your confirmation email

You should find it in your e-mail inbox within 24-48 hours. If you don't see it within a day or two, check your spam/junk folder. Our email addresses have been known to get caught in spam filters.

4. After you receive your confirmation

  1. You'll need to print, complete, and mail (or scan-and-email) an Enrollment & Liability Form (download here). Be sure to read and understand the Cancellation Policy included. Then, mail the form to us at: JD Lohr School of Woodworking, 24 N. Limerick Road, Schwenksville, PA 19473

  2. Tuition Payment Requirements: We will send you an invoice along with your enrollment confirmation with all the payment information. Courses scheduled beyond 6 months from time of application only require a $50 non-refundable reservation deposit on tuition to hold your bench position. A 50% amount of the full cost of tuition & lumber (less your $50 deposit) due within 3 months of the start date. Any remaining balance on tuition is due 60 days before the course start date. Late payments can result in your bench position being given to students on the waiting list. To make a payment, visit our payment page.

5. What's next?

We don't have any accommodations on the premises so visit our recommendation page if you're coming from out of our area and looking for a place to stay. You'll also find a list of some things to do/eat in our area. Other than that, admire the course project page and course syllabus (which also lists required tools to bring) and just look out for our emails with additional info about the class as it approaches!

To Learn More:

To request general admission information about the course, all you need to do is send an email stating:  "I am interested in taking a course" and any questions you may have! Such an email serves as no obligation to enroll. Please email your request to or complete an inquiry form. Or feel free to call during business hours (7am-3:30pm on weekdays) at 484-552-8152.

Cancellation Policy

Any student needing to cancel an enrollment is refunded in full less the initial $50 reservation deposit providing the attending student cancels his/her enrollment at least 40 days in advance of the run date of the course.  Please read our detailed Cancellation Policy for more information.

A personal note concerning course availability:

     "We are often called by folks that are disappointed that they can't get into a course right away and are dismayed that we only offer 9 classes of 11 students each per year.  However, the persistent aspiring woodworker should indeed be able to land a slot in one of our courses.  It may take a while, but I am confident you'll find it is worth the wait and the effort you put into it."    

    "All should remember that we are first and foremost a professional furniture makers and that is, and what will remain, the main focus of our work, hence the limited number of class offerings.   This focus on our own studio work is also what makes this a very practical experience rather than a theoretical one.  Making furniture is how we make our living. We don't play at it. We have to make things quickly and efficiently and at the same time with a superior quality and look that enables us to sell it.  This real world focus is what drives such a high interest in our Practical Woodworking 101 course offering.   It is real world, nuts and bolts, get the job done safely and efficiently, serious woodworking."  

    "We teach because we get as much enjoyment out of it as our students, our facility is perfect for instruction, and also because we know there is a strong need for what we have to offer.  We've noticed that, with the exception of University Programs which are usually impractical for the working adult,  many schools seem to only offer what we call "project specific courses and/or process specific courses" such as make a dovetail box,  make a Windsor chair, or a jelly cupboard. There aren't a heck of a lot of nuts and bolts courses such as ours that focus on the practical way to develop and apply a complete base of skills that will enable you to tackle just about any woodworking project."           

   "If you haven't yet done so, take a quick look at our studio website and you'll learn more of what we are all about.  Once you see what we actually do, perhaps you will better understand the reason why there are a limited number of courses available. Remember, be persistent and you'll make it into our school."