To enter the lottery to earn a bench position in one of our Advanced Joinery courses in 2014, it's simple!

  1. Download your three Advanced Joinery lottery tickets below
  2. Fill out all three tickets - Be sure to check one box on each ticket indicating which month (see the course schedule for more details) you would like to take the course. You may, if you wish, use all three tickets for the same class or you may spread them out over the two different course date offerings on the ticket as per your preference.
  3. Mail your tickets to us by December 19th!

JD Lohr School of Woodworking

242 N. Limerick Road

Schwenksville, PA   19473

*No late entries will be accepted. Only one of your tickets needs to be selected during our drawing in January for you to win a bench position! You will be notified about the results of the drawing by January 10, 2014. The deposit to secure your bench position will be due 30 days later, February 10, 2014. Feel free to read more about the Advanced Joinery course and the lottery enrollment process.