Veneer & Cabinetwork Course Overview

Catch a glimpse at what you'll learn:

Frame and Panel Construction

Frame and panel joinery is at the heart of this project and we will delve deeply into it.  Frame and panel work is an exercise in composition with grain and line weight and we'll teach you our rules of thumb for turning out beautiful pieces consistently. 

Carcase Construction

The techniques you'll learn in the construction of this piece can be used in many ways.  If you ever considered building your own kitchen cabinets, the essential elements will be here.  The carcase is made up of several elements.  The frame and panel side assemblies, the veneer plywood shelves, and the face frame.  This construction approach is different than anything you've seen in your previous time with us, and will open up vast new terrain in your skill set.


Working With Veneer

I'll just say right off the bat...  You will be floored with the amazing material we'll be working with in this class.  Veneer offers us the capability of working with the world's most beautiful specimens of nature.  While supplies last, we're offering Jeff's very own curly cherry that you've seen in his armoire and pocket doors.  Veneer offers us the opportunity to play with the material and merge our own creativity with nature's majesty.  The possibilities are endless.  We'll show you how to deal with defects, how to press veneer with a manual press and a vacuum press, how to join veneer, and so much more.


Making and Fitting Doors and Drawers

Making and fitting doors and drawers perfectly is truly the mark of the finest craftsmanship.  There is a fundamental way this is done to get perfect results every time.  In hinging your door, you'll be making your own jig that you'll take home with you at the end of the week.  In making this jig, you'll see exactly how we go about getting consistently perfect results in our work.  We'll also be making drawers, but in a much different way than your previous class.  The drawers will be made with an elegant pinned rabbet and hung from side runners for beautifully smooth and delicate operation.  The faces of the drawers will also be veneered to match the door panels.