Wyne Bar Progress

Matthew & Bianca,

Here's a little place on our website where you can check out progress on your bar. 


We spent the past few weeks acquiring materials and laying out a full scale plan.  After going through several notions of constructing the curved carcase, we went with this pretty cool product called kerfcore.  It enables us to get a really smooth and fair curve for the bar.  I can see us using this again and again.

Full Scale Mock Up

After making a template of the curve, we spent a messy day template routing to get the shell of the curved front together.  After that, we put a full scale mock up together with kerf bent poplar for the frame members. This just helps us to get a sense of the piece and make sure it translates from the scale model.  We're really happy with the look of it and it's be a pleasure to see it in walnut and ash.

Bending Forms

We finished up the week's work making some bending forms for the curved walnut rails.  Larissa is pattern routing templates that will become the bending forms. 

We finished the week with a pretty huge pile of templates and forms.  We have a class in session next week, so your bar will be parked in our finishing room for a little while.  The next steps are to move into veneering the curved front and bending the walnut frame work. 

Progress to-date.jpg

Progress Update 7/13

We got back into the bar over the past couple weeks with a renewed sense of vigor after seeing all of Matthew's ideas for our re-brand.  After forming the shell and mocking up the initial design, now we can get into the fun parts.

We made the bending forms the prior week, but they had to sit while we had a class in session.  This week we got to put on the glue and bend 'em up.  The walnut cross pieces of the bar are made up of four 1/8" thick pieces.  We apply a polyurethane glue between each layer and clamp it around the form.  The next day, we un-clamp and it holds it's shape.  One of those Christmas morning experiences that we love each and every time.


Meet Jason...he's taping the seams for the inside of the bar.  I'm flush trimming the excess veneer after our glue up.  We don't have any photos of the glue up, because glue ups are stressful.

After the lamination as set, it was time to join the two with the vertical mullions.  Here's a shot of a little jig set up to help cut straight mortises in a curved rail.  Then, the mullions were hand shaped to fit the curved face of the bar.  I'm using a travisher, which is a curved blade used mainly for refining carved chair seats.  I love every excuse to use this tool.

We glued up the outer frame work, and fit it to the shell.  We have a class in again next week, so the bar will spend it's time up in our showroom to make sure it's safe from our student body!  Next, we'll move on to finishing up the outer framework and then the interior. 

Here's what the Wyne Bar looks like this week. You'll notice a few chalk marks at the mortise and tenon joints... we're thinking of round pegs to highlight the joint a bit.  We usually use the square buttons, but round seems more right for this piece.  Happy to hear any thoughts.

We've crossed a threshold now where we can think less about construction of the piece and more about what the first drink made at the bar should be.  Input would be appreciated.